Jackie Gnardellis

Showroom Location: Morristown
: Design Assistant
Education: BS in Fashion Marketing and Management from Berkeley College
Phone: 973-975-0044
Email: [email protected]

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Jackie Gnardellis, Assistant Designer
Jackie Gnardellis, Assistant Designer

Background & Experience

Meet Jackie Gnardellis
I have over 10 years experience in the fashion industry and working in customer service. I have always had a strong interest in home remodeling and interior design. This passion dates back to my pre-college years when deciding on which area to focus my studies. Since fashion was also a strong and creative outlet for me, I chose to further my education in that direction. However, my love for home decor and design never wavered and in fact grew when recently designing my own space. I love experimenting with colors, textiles and researching the latest home trends. It was my ultimate goal to turn my vast retail background and love for all things design into my career.
Jackie Gnardellis supports the Design team working to price out and expedite your project.

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