Composite Trim Replacement Basking Ridge

Composite Trim Replacement

Scope of work: Trim Replacement, Exterior Carpentry
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ  07920
Timeline: 2 days

Exterior trim pieces are traditionally made from wood. However, wood is not the best material to use. We believe that composite material is better suited for exterior trim. Composite wears much better and requires nearly zero maintenance. Whenever we repair wood trim, we always replace it with composite.

That was what we did with this Basking Ridge, NJ home. Three multi-story corners had severely rotted and deteriorated due to constant exposure to the elements. Our team at Monk’s arrived on the job and rebuilt the corners out of composite. While on site our team also replaced other various areas of exterior trim.

Composite Trim Replacement

An exterior estimate involves the Monk’s Estimator and the homeowner walking around the house together. This process allows for both parties to point out areas of concern and ask questions. After we performed the exterior inspection for this home, it was determined that three entire corner pieces would need to be removed and replaced. Various pieces of trim around the windows were also deemed in need of replacement.

The carpenters carefully measured each piece to match up with the existing carpentry work. Then the carpenters carefully installed the composite. Because these trim pieces ran the entire height of the house, the carpenters were on ladders during most of the installation.

After only two days of work our team had repaired all the damaged exterior trim of this Basking Ridge, NJ home. To see all the before and after photos of this composite trim replacement project, visit the project page.

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