Basement Painting Mendham, NJ

Scope of Work: Interior Painting, Interior Repair Work

Location: Mendham, NJ 07945

Timeline: 4 Days


Our team at Monks Home Improvements painted the basement of this Mendham, NJ home.  A fun color scheme of bright orange and blue was given to this kids’ play area for the family boys to enjoy.

As a separate project, the carpentry team patched a hole in the kitchen ceiling due to water damage.




Before Basement Painting - Mendham, NJ
Before Basement Painting Job – Mendham, NJ

Completed Paint Job-Mendham, NJ
Completed Paint Job – Mendham, NJ


Our painters came in and covered all furnishings to protect the homeowner’s belongings before painting began.  All walls were spackled and primed to create a smooth surface.

Protection laid on Furniture and items-Mendham, NJ
Protection laid on furniture and items – Mendham, NJ


Our painters applied two coats of the chosen orange color to the walls, stair railings and spindles, doors and shelving. Portions of the ceilings, as well as two beams, were painted a bright blue color to coordinate with the blue floor.


New Chosen Colors being Applied-Mendham, NJ
New Colors being Applied – Mendham, NJ


Blue Added for a special touch-Mendham, NJ
Blue accents for a fun touch – Mendham, NJ


Take a look at this great basement play area for the homeowners’ sons. They’ll be able to enjoy this colorful space for years to come. What a difference paint can do.


Completed Basement- Mendham, NJ
Completed Basement- Mendham, NJ


Completed Basement- Mendham, NJ
Completed Basement- Mendham, NJ


Completed Basement-Mendham, NJ
Completed Basement – Mendham, NJ


Upstairs in the kitchen our crews needed to patch up the ceiling. It was damaged due to a water leak.


Patched up Kitchen Ceiling Hole-Mendham, NJ
Patched up Kitchen Ceiling Hole – Mendham, NJ


Here you will see that the crew spackled the new sheetrock that was installed to provide a smooth surface.


Spackled Ceiling in Kitchen-Mendham, NJ
Spackled Ceiling in Kitchen – Mendham, NJ


Two coats of paint was applied to the repaired kitchen ceiling.


Completed Ceiling Repair and Painting- Mendham, NJ
Completed Ceiling Repair and Painting – Mendham, NJ


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