Finished Basement in Morristown NJ

Finished Basement


Scope of work: Basement Finishing, Interior Painting
Location: Morristown, NJ 07960
Timeline: 5 days


Basements and attics are often two underutilized spaces in our homes. Some homes have hopelessly wet basements that aren’t suitable for living areas. Typically though, most homes’ basements are just a concrete slab used for storage and to house utilities. The homeowner of this Morristown, NJ home wanted to create more living space in their home. Their partial basement was the perfect place to add square footage. As a result, we spent just five days finishing this Morristown, NJ basement.


Finished Basement Project



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To begin the project our team framed and added insulation to a portion of the basement. Then we built the walls using sheetrock. Following this, we taped and spackled the new walls.

Carpenters installed new door trim and baseboards. Interior doors were also hung.

We sampled a number of different paint colors. This way the homeowner was able to select their color by seeing it in the space.  The walls and trim were painted with high quality interior paint.


Interior Trim Installed by Monk's
Interior Trim Installed by Monk’s


Another great project completed by our team at Monk’s!

See all the photos of this finished basement project here.


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