Bedroom Interior Painting Millington


Scope of work: Interior Painting

Location: Millington, NJ  07946

Timeline: 2 days


Our team at Monk’s was called in to paint two bedrooms in this Millington, NJ home.  In only two days these two bedrooms were drastically transformed.




Before Bedroom Interior Painting
Before Bedroom Interior Painting

After Bedroom Interior Painting by Monk's
After Bedroom Interior Painting by Monk’s


To begin any painting project our team always carefully examines all of the surfaces that are going to be painted.


Before Interior Painting
Before Interior Painting


Next, the walls are smoothed, and any cracks or imperfections are spackled. After the walls are spackled they are treated to a coat of primer.

Once the primer is dry two coats of interior paint are applied.

When painting the trim of the room it is typical to only apply one coat of paint.  However, for this particular project, our team applied two coats to the trim because of the drastic change in color.

After only two days of work, the paint job was complete!


Interior Painting Millington
Interior Painting Millington


Another job well done by our team at Monk’s!

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