Built In Fireplace Surround by Monk’s- Chatham, NJ 07928

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Estimator: Greg Kihm

Scope of work:  CarpentryInterior PaintingSheetrocking, Built-In

Location: Chatham, NJ  07928

Timeline: 2 days


This Chatham, NJ home dating back to the 1950’s had previously been renovated to update the look of its interior. However, the fireplace surround was overlooked and in need of a makeover.  Our team at Monk’s was called in to update the fireplace surround and install a custom built in unit.



Before Fireplace Surround Update by Monk's Home Improvements
Before Fireplace Surround Update by Monk’s Home Improvements


To begin the project our team removed all of the pine paneling and trim.


Built in Fireplace Surround
Fireplace Surround by Monk’s In Progress


Once the old paneling was out of the way our team at Monk’s installed nailing strips over the brick.  This step is important because the mailing strips are what the sheetrock will be attached to.  With the nailing strips in place new sheet rock can be installed.


New Sheetrocking Installed by Monk's Home Improvements- Chatham, NJ 07928
New Sheetrocking Installed by Monk’s Home Improvements- Chatham, NJ 07928


These Chatham, NJ homeowners wanted more than just a new look for their fireplace surround, they also wanted additional storage space.  Before our team arrived on the job the homeowners had purchased a built in storage unit. After updating the fireplace surround our team installed the new built in storage piece.


In only two days our team transformed this dated fireplace surround into a contemporary space, with plenty of new storage!


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