Carpet Removal and Hardwood Floor Refinishing Livingston

Carpet Removal

Scope of work: Carpet Removal, Dustless Floor Refinishing, Interior Painting

Location: Livingston, NJ 07039

Timeline: 4 days

In northern New Jersey we are lucky to have many older homes complete with character and great original features. However, as the years go by and styles evolve, many times a home’s best original features get hidden from sight.

Hardwood floors covered by carpet is a common offense. Typically, we can easily pull up the carpet and staples and refinish the hardwood floor without much hassle. However, some DIY-ers or creative carpet installers use glue to attach carpet to the hardwood floors underneath. Glued carpet is not fun to pull up. This was the case in this 1950s Livingston, NJ bedroom.




Carpet Removal in Livingston NJ
Carpet Removal in Livingston NJ

After Dustless Floor Refinishing by Monk's
After Dustless Floor Refinishing by Monk’s


Carpet Removal

Over time it is inevitable that carpet will become worn out or stained. While some homeowners opt to replace worn carpet,  the owners of this Livingston, NJ home chose to refinish the hardwood floors underneath.

Once all of the carpet was removed our team still had to clean off all of the glue and padding that was left on the hardwood floors. This was a tedious, time-consuming task. Once the surface was finally clean we could begin the dustless sanding portion of the project.

Monk’s flooring specialists brought in a system of vacuums and HEPA filters to keep out the dust, so often associated with hardwood floor refinishing.  After the floor was sanded it was stained and then given 2 coats of water-based polyurethane. Amazingly, the hardwood floors looked brand new.

Monk’s painters also painted this Livingston NJ bedroom to finish the renovation. While on site, we also replaced the attic steps and painted the hallway ceiling.  All of these upgrades were complete in only four days.

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