Condo Painting Randolph, NJ

Scope of Work: Interior Painting

Location: Randolph, NJ 07869

Timeline: 1 week


Our team at Monk’s Home Improvements was called in for Interior Painting in Randolph, NJ.  The homeowners were putting their condo on the market and wanted to showcase fresh, clean walls to help with the sale. A new, neutral paint job is a fast and inexpensive way to prepare your home for sale.

Our painting team painted this entire condo from top to bottom.

Every room, ceiling, and hallway was spackled where needed. This filled in any holes or cracks before our painters started to apply paint. This gave potential buyers a fresh, clean slate to imagine themselves and their belongings in the home.


Condo Painting in Randolph, NJ

Hallway spackled and Ready for Paint- Randolph, NJ
Hallway spackled and Ready for Paint- Randolph, NJ



Spackled Walls and Corners-Mendham, NJ
Spackled Walls and Corners – Randolph, NJ


After one week the whole condo was painted with 2 coats of paint on the walls and ceiling. The trim received one coat. This is because we paint trim with a brush which delivers a thicker application. Only one coat is needed.


Completed Painting in Kitchen-Randolph, NJ
Completed Condo Painting in Kitchen – Randolph, NJ


Condo Painting - Randolph, NJ
Completed Condo Painting in Foyer – Randolph, NJ

We wish these homeowners a quick sale on their property!


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Our carpentry team can also provide wainscoting and crown molding. Adding decorative trim to your home gives a home character and warmth. It is also a quick and relatively inexpensive project that makes a big impact whether you are selling your home or plan to enjoy it yourself.

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