Basement Access Doors in Madison, NJ

Estimator: Trevor Monk

Scope of work:  Carpentry, Exterior Painting

Location: Madison, NJ  07940

Timeline: 2 days


The original basement doors of this Madison, NJ home were rotting and in need of a replacement.  However, the homeowners wanted to keep the distinctive traditional style of their basement doors that matched their 100 year old home.  They requested we build custom basement access doors with the appearance of the existing doors, but with material to prevent future rot and water damage.  In only two days these new basement doors were built, painted, and completed!



Before- Rotted Basement Doors
Before- Rotted Basement Doors



After- Custom Built Basement Access Doors
After- Custom Built Basement Access Doors


Custom Built Basement Access Doors

Not only were the original doors deteriorating, but the original door framing was also rotted.  Our team would have to rip out all components of the doors to begin the project.  Our team would also be sure to select materials that would be weather resistant and would therefore not rot.


Rotted Door Frame- to be replaced by Monk's
Rotted Door Frame- to be replaced by Monk’s


Our team at Monk’s was able to work with the homeowners to choose materials that would achieve the desired look, while also preventing future water damage.  It was decided that composite wainscoting would be the best choice.  This delivered all of the practical elements of moisture resistant composite material, while infusing the design with more style.  The new frame was built from pressure treated wood.

Once all of the carpentry was completed the new basement doors were painted to match the old basement doors that our team had replaced.  In only two days this Madison, NJ home had a great new set of basement doors.  This project is a great example of the way that our team can help update your home with new innovations and materials, while still maintaining a traditional look.


Custom Built Basement Doors by Monk's- Madison, NJ 07940
Custom Built Basement Doors by Monk’s- Madison, NJ 07940


Another great project completed by our team at Monk’s!

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