Custom Built In Storage Center Randolph, NJ

Randolph Cubbies

Scope of work: Custom Built InsPainting

Location: Randolph, NJ 07869

Timeline: 4 days


Built In Storage Center

A custom built in by Monk’s is a great way to organize your home.  Our team of skilled carpenters will work with you to design a unit that meets all of the particular needs of your home.  The owners of this Randolph, NJ home were looking for a way to help their kids’ belongings stay organized.  Our team at Monk’s used the homeowners ideas to design a unit with cubbies, lockers, custom drawers, and a bench.  In only four days this custom built in was completed!

To begin this project our team removed the existing closet.  Carpenters carefully measured and marked the area to determine the exact dimensions of the project.

With the old closet out of the way our team could begin construction on the new custom built in our team had designed.  The entire structure was built out of poplar, a popular choice for many of our custom built ins.  Our team measured and hand built every component as a custom piece.  We built the cubbies, lockers, and drawers, as well as the bench.


Carpenters working on a custom built in organizational unit- Randolph, NJ
Carpenters working on a custom built in organizational unit- Randolph, NJ


We filled all the nail holes, and primed and painted the unit after we completed the carpentry.

In just four days our team had completed this Randolph, NJ custom built in!


Custom Built In Storage Center
Custom Built In Storage with Bench, Cubbies, and Lockers


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If you are considering a custom built in project for your home we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best carpentry contractor in Randolph, NJ 07869.


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