Custom Railing and Custom Bookshelves by Monk’s- Millburn, NJ 07041

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 Estimator: Greg Kihm

Scope of work: Custom Railing, Custom Bookshelves

Location: Millburn, NJ  07041

Timeline: 4 days

The owners of this Millburn, NJ  07041 home called our team at Monk’s to update their 1930’s railing.  Though this home’s railing was in good condition, it was no longer up to code and the homeowners wanted a new railing that would meet today’s safety standards and freshen up the look of their home’s interior.  Monk’s was able to create a custom built railing and corner post on site, and in only four days!  While on site our team was also asked to build custom bookshelves for the home; which of course Monk’s was able to build!


Railing- Before
Railing- Before


Railing- After
Railing- After

Our team at Monk’s began by disassembling the current railing of the Millburn home.

Old Railing-  to be dismantled by Monk's
Old Railing- to be dismantled by Monk’s

After dismantling the old railing a new custom railing was built on site.  Each piece was carefully measured and crafted to fit the needs of the specific home.  The original railing only came 30″ off of the ground, while the new railing measured 36″ off of the ground; meeting current building codes and ensuring the safety of the homeowners’ children.

Millburn, NJ- New Railing Built by Monk's
Millburn, NJ- New Railing Built by Monk’s

The new railing and corner post was created out of poplar.  Our team prepped it for painting, applied a coat of primer and painted the whole structure as well.

Custom Railing built by Monk's
Custom Railing built by Monk’s

While our team was working on this Millburn home’s new railing the homeowners also asked our team to create a custom built in bookshelf for their home.  The homeowners had previously bought a ready made book shelf, however the shelves were not deep enough to accommodate all of their storage needs.

Custom Bookshelves by Monk's
Custom Bookshelves by Monk’s

Monk’s recessed some of the shelves into the wall, by opening up the wall and reframing it our team was able to give these homeowners the storage space they needed.  Our team also permanently attached these shelves to the wall to ensure safety.

Millburn, NJ  07041- Custom Bookshelves by Monk's
Millburn, NJ 07041- Custom Bookshelves by Monk’s

Another job well done by Monk’s!

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If you are considering a custom railing, or custom bookshelves for your home we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best carpenters in Millburn, NJ  07041.