Exterior House Painting in New Vernon NJ


Project manager: Ty Monk

Time Line: 5 days

Scope of work: Exterior painting, minor trim repair.


An exterior paint job is a great way to spruce up your home while simultaneously adding protection.  Here at Monk’s we have a knowledgeable staff of estimators who will deliver a great job.  We are committed to a process which will deliver a long lasting exterior paint job.  Our estimators will also provide consultation in the color choosing process.

This historic farmhouse in New Vernon, NJ was in need of a new exterior paint job, and minor trim repair.  Monk’s was able to deliver this home improvement in only 5 days!

Historic Farmhouse Exterior Painting

As you can see from these photos, this beautiful home was in need of some sprucing up!  Peeling exterior paint is not only an eye sore, but is also indicative that the structure is in need of refurbishing to protect it from the elements.


The location of the house, the architectural style of the house, and its surroundings are only a few of the factors our estimators will help you take into consideration when choosing paint colors.  It was important to us to make sure that these small sheds on the property would still tie in with the home after the new exterior painting job.


Another shot showing the surroundings of this historic farmhouse; all factors that would need to be considered while carrying out this exterior paint job.


Surroundings of the historic New Vernon, NJ Farmhouse which would soon receive a new exterior paint job by Monk’s


Our team removed all of the paint from the siding before getting under way with the painting.


Historic Farmhouse Exterior Painting
Historic Farmhouse Exterior Painting, Siding Stripped of Paint, Step 1 of the exterior painting job


Another look at the stripped down house.  Notice we have taken care to protect the home as we paint by covering the windows.

New Vernon Home, Siding Stripped of Paint and ready for Monk’s Exterior Paint Job


After all of the old paint was removed we were ready to paint.  Our team completed this job by applying two coats of oil based primer and two coats of Duration from Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams Oil Based Wood Primer Used in Exterior Painting Job

A Monk’s team member hard at work applying primer.

A Monk’s Team Member hard at Work on an Exterior Paint Job in New Vernon, NJ

With the job in progress you can already see the incredible impact a fresh coat of paint can have on a home!

Exterior Paint Job in Progress in New Vernon, NJ

This project also included some minor trim repair, another job that will greatly freshen up the exterior of a home.

Finished Exterior Paint Job and Trim Repair, New Vernon, NJ


This crisp new exterior will not only give this historic New Vernon home a fresh new look, but will also ensure long lasting quality protection; something we promise with all of our exterior paint jobs.

Completed Exterior Paint Job in New Vernon, NJ


Another job well done by Monk’s! If you are considering exterior painting, or trim repair, we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best painter, and trim repair contractor in New Vernon, NJ!