Exterior House Painting Westfield

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Estimator: Fernando Costa

Scope of work: Exterior Painting

Location: Westfield, NJ  07090

Timeline: 4 days


This Westfield, NJ home was in need of a professional paint job.  In only four days our team completely repainted this home’s entire exterior.




Before Exterior House Painting Westfield
Before Exterior House Painting Westfield

After Exterior Painting by Monk's Home Improvements
After Exterior Painting by Monk’s Home Improvements


After carefully examining the home’s exterior our team decided to perform a partial scrape.


Before Exterior Painting by Monk's
Before Exterior Painting by Monk’s


Certain areas of the home were merely scraped of their flaking paint, while other partial areas were sanded down to 95% bare wood.


Before House Painting by Monk's
Before House Painting by Monk’s


Once the scraping and sanding was done our team primed the entire exterior.  After the primer was applied the home’s exterior was given two full coats of high quality exterior paint.


Exterior Painting by Monk's
Exterior Painting by Monk’s


Exterior House Painting Westfield, NJ
Exterior House Painting Westfield, NJ


Another job well done by our team at Monk’s!


Exterior House Painting Westfield
Exterior House Painting Westfield


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