Exterior Painting Madison, NJ 07940

Exterior Painting Madison NJ


Scope of work: CarpentryExterior Painting

Location: Madison, NJ 07940

Timeline: 10 days


Often times when our team is called in to perform an exterior paint job it is because the home has not been painted in many years.  Sometimes, this is the first repainting the home has had in decades.  When this is the case our team has to thoroughly sand the house down to 95% bare wood before applying any paint.

This home in Madison, NJ was over one hundred years old and had never received a new exterior paint job.  In order to properly paint this home after decades of wear and exposure to the elements, our team had to begin the project by sanding the cedar siding down to 95% bare wood.  Our team at Monk’s always makes sure to take every measure to protect your home as we work.  Our team sealed all of the windows with plastic.


Sanding by Monk's Home Improvements
Sanding by Monk’s Home Improvements


It was discovered that several sections of trim were also rotting.  Our team at Monk’s removed the broken sections and replaced them with Azek, a composite, moisture-resistant material.  A decorative triangle ripped off of the house during Hurricane Sandy.  Our team would also rebuild and replace this decorative element.


Damaged Decorative Element- To be replaced by Monk's
Damaged Decorative Element- To be replaced by Monk’s


Once the home was machine sanded, our team gave the home a thorough light hand sanding.


Exterior Painting- Sanding the house
Exterior Painting- Sanding the house


Next, two coats of primer were applied.  Once the primer was dry our team applied two coats of exterior paint.

In only twelve days our team at Monk’s had transformed this home with a beautiful new paint job.

After Exterior Painting Madison, NJ

Exterior Painting Madison NJ
Exterior Painting Madison NJ

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