Exterior Painting, Deck Staining and Bead Board Installation Chester, NJ

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting, Deck Staining, Bead Board Installation

Timeline: 7 days

Location: Chester, NJ 07930

Exterior painting is a great way to breathe life back into any home.  Not only does a new exterior paint job improve the look of the home, but it can also add protection against the elements.  Our team at Monk’s was called in to perform an exterior revamp of this home; consisting of exterior painting, deck staining, and installing a new bead board ceiling.


Before Exterior Painting by Monk's
Before Exterior Painting by Monk’s
Chester Home before Exterior Painting by Monk's, 07930
Chester Home before Exterior Painting by Monk’s, 07930


Chester Home before Exterior Painting by Monk's, 07930
Chester Home after Exterior Painting by Monk’s, 07930


Exterior Renovations

To begin this project the entire home’s exterior was power washed and scraped.  Next two coats of solid stain were applied to the siding.  All of the trim, doors, and foundation were painted with Sherwin Williams Duration paint.


Exterior Renovations by Monk's in Chester, NJ
Exterior Renovations by Monk’s in Chester, NJ


These Chester homeowners also asked our team to revamp their deck.  Our team power washed the deck before applying a coat of sikkens stain.  Applying this type of stain not only improves the look of the deck but it also helps protect it from the sun; bringing the deck from faded to fresh.

While on the job our team at Monk’s also installed a new bead board ceiling over the home’s entryway.  The original ceiling was made of sheetrock and was experiencing cracking from weather damage.  Bead board composite is a moisture resistant material, ideal for outdoor projects such as this.

Bead Board Installation by Monk's
Bead Board Installation by Monk’s

In only seven days our team at Monk’s was able to transform this Chester, NJ home’s exterior with exterior painting, deck staining, and bead board installation.

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