Time to paint the exterior of your home? We deliver the longest-lasting exterior painting job in the business. Guaranteed.

For homes that need it, we offer a full sanding project where we scrape and sand up to 95% of your home’s existing paint. Simpler exterior painting jobs may only require a scrape and paint. We will examine your home and explain the differences.

We are EPA Lead-Safe Certified. We use only the best products and apply two coats of primer. Following primer, two coats of paint are applied.  Call Monk’s to schedule an estimate appointment and we will explain the Monk’s exterior painting process in more detail.

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Click on the images below to view the complete before and after for exterior painting projects or visit our online Exterior Painting Photo Gallery.  

Exterior Painting & Sanding-Whippany
Exterior Painting & Sanding-Whippany

Florham Park Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting- Mountain Lakes

Exterior Painting Florham Park
Exterior Painting

If your home is in need of a full sanding painting project, we will explain how we will tent your home and remove up to 95% of your existing paint. Your Estimator will show you previous exterior sanding projects. He will explain how our sanding and painting process delivers a paint job that will last.

To schedule an appointment, please call the office or schedule an estimate appointment online. We will then provide a written, itemized estimate for the work and review it with you that day.

For information about when we can start painting again, read our article on when we can start painting outside.

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