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Estimator: Kurt Becker

Scope of work: Exterior Stripping and Painting

Location: Basking Ridge, NJ  07920

Timeline: 8 days


Exterior Painting Project at Flowers on the Ridge by Monk's
Exterior Painting Project at Flowers on the Ridge by Monk’s



‘Flowers on the Ridge’ is a florist shop located in Basking Ridge, NJ.  This business is based in a beautiful historic home.  Like many older houses this structure had undergone several repaintings and therefore had layers upon layers of paint on its exterior.  Our team at Monk’s fully stripped the house down to 95% bare wood, power washed the house, and painted it in only eight days. Painting Flowers on the Ridge also posed a challenge because the building was an active business. We coordinated our activity with the owner to allow the business to remain fully functioning while we completed the project.



Before Exterior Painting by Monk's
Before Exterior Painting by Monk’s



Before Exterior Stripping and Painting
Before Exterior Stripping and Painting


After Painting Flowers on the Ridge

After Exterior Painting
After Exterior Painting


Every painting job by Monk’s always begins with a careful examination of the house.  While our team was inspecting this home’s exterior it was discovered that several sections of trim were rotting and deteriorating.  Our team replaced these sections with azek. Azek is a moisture resistant, composite material.


Deteriorating Wood Trim
Deteriorating Wood Trim


The first step in painting a historic home is to strip it down to 95% bare wood.  If this step is not taken the paint will not effectively adhere to the home, but will instead simply peel off with the other layers of paint.  It is necessary to strip all of this away and thoroughly sand the house down before applying any paint.


Stripped House- Exterior Painting
Stripped House- Exterior Painting


Once the house is stripped it is thoroughly power washed to remove any dust.


Power Washing by Monk's- Basking Ridge, NJ  07920
Power Washing by Monk’s- Basking Ridge, NJ 07920



After the power washing the home is given two coats of oil based primer.  The first coat is a slow drying primer, while the second is a stain killing cover stain.


Exterior Painting Project by Monk's
Exterior Painting Project by Monk’s


Once both coats of primer were dry our team at Monk’s applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura paint.


Completed Exterior Painting
Completed Exterior Painting


The floor of this home’s porch was also painted by our team at Monk’s.  The porch floor was painted with Benjamin Moore porch and floor enamel.


Before Porch Floor Painting by Monk's
Before Porch Floor Painting by Monk’s


After Porch Floor Painting
After Porch Floor Painting


Our team at Monk’s completed this whole job in only eight days!  This job was also completed while ‘Flowers on the Ridge’ remained open the entire time, illustrating just how accommodating our team at Monk’s will be for our customers.


Monk's Painting Flowers on the Ridge
Monk’s Paints ‘Flowers on the Ridge’


Completed Exterior Painting by Monk's
Completed Exterior Painting by Monk’s


Exterior Painting- Basking Ridge, NJ  07920
Exterior Painting- Basking Ridge, NJ 07920



Another great project completed by our team at Monk’s!


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