Exterior Painting of Historic Farm House in Bedminster, NJ


Scope of work: Exterior PaintingCarpentry

Location: Bedminster, NJ 07921

Timeline: 10 days


Even the most beautiful of homes can suffer from an out of date paint job.  This historic farmhouse located in Bedminster, NJ was in need of a face-lift.  Not only was the deteriorating paint unsightly to see on such a beautiful house, but it was also allowing weather-related damage to take its toll on the structure.  Luckily our team at Monk’s was called in to upgrade this home’s exterior.  In only ten days our team scraped and repainted the home, while also replacing rotted siding, rotted corners, and a rotted sill.

Exterior Painting of Historic Farm House

The paint on your home does more than meets the eye.  Not only does exterior paint provide important aesthetic qualities for your home but it also acts as a barrier against the harsh elements.  Extended exposure to the sun and rain will eventually cause your home’s paint to crumble and peel off.

When we are dealing with a historic home, such as this Bedminster NJ farmhouse, there are often many layers of paint. Due to the extensive peeling, we had to strip all of the existing paint down to the bare wood.

Full Sanding of Historic Home

Once all of the exterior paint was scraped off of the house the surface is carefully sanded with a disc sander while the corners are sanded by hand.  While our team sands the home’s exterior special care is given to protect the windows and to help keep the job site as clean as possible.  After sanding all seams are caulked and all nail holes are filled.


Bedminster, NJ- Scraping and Sanding of Home
Bedminster, NJ- Scraping and Sanding of Home


Exterior Repairs for Historic Farm House

Besides all of the existing exterior paint needing to be stripped off, there were also several exterior fixtures that were terribly rotted.   These fixtures would need to be rebuilt by our team at Monk’s before the new paint was applied.  Several areas of siding were replaced.

One of the home’s corners was severely rotted.  Luckily our team at Monk’s was able to remove all of the rotted wood and completely rebuild the section.

The sill of the door was another area that was badly damaged and would need to be rebuilt by Monk’s before the exterior painting project could move forward.

Once the damaged siding was replaced, and the rotted corner and door sill rebuilt, our team could begin Monk’s exterior painting process.  The process begins with two coats of oil primer, followed by two coats of paint.  Our team used Benjamin Moore Aura paint for this particular project.

Painting Historic Farmhouse

Freshly Painted Bedminster, NJ Home
Freshly Painted Bedminster, NJ Home


Besides repainting the home, we made sure that the structure was sound enough to be repainted. Our team rebuilt this rotting corner and damaged door trim out of pressure-treated lumber to help prevent future damage.


Rebuilt Door Sill by Monk's
Rebuilt Door Sill by Monk’s


While on the job our team was also asked to build a cedar roof for the home’s outdoor garbage bins.  Of course, our team of highly skilled carpenters was able to do just that.


Cedar Roof for Garbage Bin- built by Monk's
Cedar Roof for Garbage Bin- built by Monk’s


In only ten days our team at Monk’s transformed this home’s exterior.

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