Custom Window Trim Installation in Madison, NJ 07940

Custom Window Trim Installation


Scope of work: Carpentry, Exterior Painting, and Window Trim Installation
Location: Madison, NJ 07940
Timeline: 6 days


Small touches to your home can make big differences.  The owners of this Madison, NJ home found that adding window trim was an easy way to dress up their home. Monk’s performed both an exterior paint job, and installed custom window trim. In only six days we brought about a dramatic exterior renovation.


Custom Window Trim Installation

These Madison, NJ homeowners had worked with Monk’s nine years ago. They gave us a call to dress up the front of their home.  A vibrant new paint color was chosen and our painters delivered a dramatic exterior paint job.  First we sanded the entire house and power washed it in preparation for the primer.  Next we applied a coat of primer.  Once the primer has dried, painters apply two coats of paint.

Additionally, we created custom trim and crown molding for the home’s windows. Crown molding sits on the top of a window, creating an architectural detail which makes the window more interesting. It also performs a practical purpose by helping to keep rain off the window.

Using composite, we crafted custom trim and crown molding pieces for each window of this Madison NJ home.  Along with the new paint job, these new moldings greatly helped the home’s exterior come to life.

With a vibrant new paint job and new custom built window trim and crown molding this home ‘s exterior was spectacularly upgraded- and only in six days! See all the before and after photos of this custom window trim project here.

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If you are considering custom window trim for your home we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best exterior carpentry contractor in Madison, NJ 07940.