Fireplace Tiling Mendham


Scope of work: Tiling, Sheetrocking, Interior Painting

Location: Mendham, NJ 07945

Timeline: 3 days


The fireplace of this Mendham, NJ home was looking rather sparse before our team at Monk’s was called in to revamp it with a custom tiling project.  In only three days our team removed the existing tile and installed new tile and sheetrock to give the homeowners the fireplace they had always dreamed of.

Our team began this project by removing the area’s existing tile and sheetrock.


Before Fireplace Tiling by Monk's
Before Fireplace Tiling by Monk’s


With the sheetrock out of the way, our team installed cement boards on top of wood boards.  These cement boards are what the new tiles would be installed onto.  The tile that the homeowners selected for this fireplace project is a special tile that is made to look like stone.

The tiles were arranged to frame out the fireplace.  The new sheetrock was installed directly above the fireplace.  This area, and the entire room, was then treated to a thorough interior paint job.

In only three days our team at Monk’s transformed this Mendham, NJ fireplace!


Completed Tiling Project by Monk's
Completed Tiling Project by Monk’s


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