Refinishing Pine Floors Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Pine Floor Refinishing

Scope of work: Pine Floor Refinishing

Location: Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Timeline: 3 days

Typically we find ourselves refinishing oak hardwood floors in the New Jersey homes we service. Oak is the most common wood to use for floors since it is hard, durable and affordable. However, in homes built before 1920, pine wood was the flooring of choice due to its abundance.

This beautiful historic home located in Bernardsville, NJ 07924 features original pine floors. Because pine is a soft wood which can be easily damaged, the homeowners called in the pros at Monk’s to refinish the floors.

It took just three days to breathe new life into these floors, while maintaining the home’s aesthetic.

Refinishing Pine Floors Bernardsville, NJ


Refinishing Pine Floors

As noted above, pine is a soft wood. It is typical for dents and marks to occur with normal use. These pine floors had also acquired some unsightly black stains.  To rid the floor of this wear, our team at Monk’s began by completely sanding down all of the floors. Monk’s uses a dustless floor sanding system. This process uses HEPA filters to keep your house as clean as possible.

Monk’s flooring specialists applied a layer of seal coat to the floors after sanding. Seal coat is a way to treat your wood floors without adding any additional color.  Since the homeowners wanted to retain the natural look of their wood we did not stain the floors, but instead treated them with seal coat.  Once the seal coat dried two coats of polyurethane were applied to the floors.

As evident in the photo above, round iron heating grills were located in the floors. Our team removed the heating grills, thoroughly cleaned them, and repainted them black.

The Bernardsville, NJ homeowners were able to start enjoying their historic pine floors in just three days.

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