Unfortunately Google has made it a bit of a challenge to make your Google reviews visible.  It is fairly common that you will be able to see your review on your screen, but no one else can see it.   Google is trying to filter out multiple fake reviews companies might post for themselves.



Here is a simple guide to help post a google review.


1.  Posting from your phone is the best and easiest way to get a google review online.  Simply open up your “Google Maps App,” then search for “Monk’s Home Improvements” and then post a review.   Google has a high degree of confidence in reviews that come from a phone and they usually show up.


2.  If you don’t have a smart phone, or if you don’t have the “Google Maps App” – Simply go to Google.com (or your google search bar) and search for “Monk’s Home Improvements.”  Click on the link in our search result that goes to our existing google reviews.  You can review us from there.


3.  After posting your review, you will need to make it public.  (the last step in the process)


4.  After posting your review, simply send us an e-mail to let us know about it. If we don’t get an e-mail from you, we don’t know where to send the gift card to.


5.  After posting your review, we would appreciate it if you would click this little orange button below to give us a “plus one”  on google.  No comments are neccesary here.

Thanks for the Reviews!


Ty Monk