Kitchen Renovation in Morristown, NJ

Kitchen Renovation Project Overview

Kitchen Renovation Project Overview

This kitchen renovation in Morristown, NJ, was part of a larger home renovation that also included new floors throughout the house, tile installation, remodeling of both bathrooms, painting, landscaping, and a whole lot of improved curb appeal!  

The client inherited the home from a family member and they needed to renovate the house before putting it on the market. Because they lived out of town, they needed to work with a home renovation company that could manage the entire project for them. Monk’s completed the entire renovation in just three months. We made things easy for the client by communicating through phone calls, photos, and e-mail.

Before Morristown Kitchen Renovation
U-Shaped Kitchen After Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Process: Before & After

The client understood that in order to quickly sell their inherited northern New Jersey house, the kitchen would require a total overhaul. So rather than a simple “kitchen makeover” (where Monk’s only replaces cabinets, countertops and appliances), we obliged them with a complete renovation that included a new layout, for which we closed off an exterior door, moved the sink and a few walls, and installed new plumbing and electrical work.  

For this kitchen renovation, specifically, the customer wanted more open and usable space, as well as gorgeous matching hardwood flooring throughout the house.

Take a look at how we achieved a dramatic transformation.

Kitchen Renovation Photos

We removed the old wall separating the dining room from the kitchen and installed a peninsula open up the space.  In this picture, you can see that we were able to match the new floor fairly well with the old floor.  On the wall to the left, we removed an old sliding door to make room for more counter space.


Insulation installation - Kitchen renovation
Insulation installation – Kitchen renovation


We prefer to insulate all walls when we renovate.  The exterior walls and ceilings require insulation. We add insulation to the interior walls to improve the sound quality in the house.

Sheetrock installation - Kitchen Renovation in Morristown, NJ
Drywall installation


The green drywall, or sheetrock, is water resistant and is used in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

Primed Dry Wall - Morristown New Jersey Kitchen Renovation
Primed Drywall – Morristown New Jersey Kitchen Renovation


We usually prime and apply one coat of paint prior to installing the cabinets in a new kitchen.  This allows the drywall to seal up in order to have sharp painting lines next to your cabinets after they are hung.  The new floor is covered with red rosin paper to protect it.

1st coat of paint - Kitchen Renovation
1st coat of paint – Kitchen Renovation


This is the first coat of paint being applied prior to the kitchen cabinet installation.

Installed cabinets. - Morristown New Jersey, Kitchen Renovation
Cabinet Installation


We install the cabinets. Then the granite fabricator comes to create a template.  After the countertop is templated, it usually takes one week before the countertop is installed.

Protecting the cabinets during painting - Kitchen renovation
Protecting the cabinets during painting – Kitchen renovation


We protect the cabinets with plastic while we paint the kitchen.  We only have to put on the final coat of paint on the walls and ceiling at this point.

New Kitchen and matching new hard wood floors!
New kitchen and matching hardwood floors!


Another before and after of this kitchen from a different view.

Before we installed the hardwood floor and replaced the cabinets:

Morristown Kitchen Before Renovation
Morristown Kitchen Before Renovation

After we installed the hardwood floor and replaced the cabinets:

Waiting for the refrigerator to arrive
Waiting for the refrigerator to arrive

See more photos and learn about the rest of this Morristown home remodeling project.

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