Kitchen Tile Backsplash Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Backsplash Tile Detail Above Stove

Scope of work: Tile Backsplash Installation
Location: Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Timeline: 2 days


This Basking Ridge, NJ kitchen almost had it all. Beautiful cabinetry and hardware, attractive countertops, and high-end stainless steel appliances. Surprisingly, it was missing one key feature, which was a backsplash. While the walls were painted a pretty blue, paint doesn’t offer up much protection against typical kitchen use. A tile or solid stone backsplash protects walls from water, oil, and food splashes.

Additionally, backsplashes add visual interest through the use of color or patterns. These homeowners took advantage of the decorative detail a tile backsplash can provide. Despite using 5 different types of tile, Monk’s installers were able to complete this new tile backsplash in only 2 days.


Kitchen Tile Backsplash Basking Ridge, NJ

The owners of this Basking Ridge, NJ home had already designed the layout they wanted for their tile backsplash by the time our team at Monk’s arrived on the job. If you have not decided on a layout for your kitchen’s backsplash, our kitchen Designers are happy to help you come out with a design to fit your home.

Because we were installing the tile all the way up behind the stove, the hood needed to be out of the way. So, the first step for this particular project was to disassemble and remove the stove hood. Then we began laying the different layers of tile, keeping everything level. Tile installers carefully measure the space and cut any tiles to perfectly fit the kitchen dimensions. All of the tiles were meticulously installed, and the area was grouted.

The stove hood was re-installed, and the job was completed. And in only two days!

Completed Tile Backsplash Project by Monk's
Completed Kitchen Tile Backsplash Basking Ridge NJ


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