Kolbe Window Installation Mendham, NJ


Scope of Work: Window Installation, Exterior Carpentry & Exterior Painting

Location: Mendham, NJ 07945

Timeline: 10 Days


Our team came in and removed all 13 windows at the back of this Mendham, NJ home. They were not energy efficient and the exterior wood trim was in need of replacement as well.

Take a look at the exterior wood rot and drafty windows before Monk’s carpenters arrived. Monk’s was able to improve the energy efficiency, the structural integrity, and the the beauty of this home.

Kolbe Window Installation Mendham, NJ



Exterior Wood & Windows before Monk's came to the Rescue-Mendham, NJ
Exterior Wood & Windows Before Monk’s – Mendham, NJ

New Kolbe Window Installation Mendham, NJ
New Kolbe Window Installation Mendham, NJ


Monk’s carpenters removed all 13 windows of this sunroom before installing new Kolbe windows. Kolbe is not a well-known brand of windows in the New Jersey, but they are high-quality units, similar to Marvin.

Old inefficient windows being ripped out-Mendham, NJ
Old, inefficient windows being ripped out – Mendham, NJ


Here are the newly installed Kolbe windows, along with new trim to replace the rotten pieces.

Kolbe Installed Windows
Kolbe Installed Windows


Here you can see that all the rotten wood was removed and new plywood was installed around the new Kolbe windows.


New Plywood wood Installed-Mendham, NJ
New Plywood wood Installed-Mendham, NJ


Once all the windows were installed and the exterior carpentry was completed, Monk’s painters came in to apply paint to finish the project. Our painters primed the newly installed wood siding and applied two coats of paint.


Completed Exterior Paint Job-Mendham, NJ
Completed Exterior Paint Job -Mendham, NJ


Here is the complete finished product that Monk’s carpenters and painters accomplished for this Mendham, NJ homeowner.


Completed Exterior Job by Monk's_Mendham, NJ
Completed Exterior Job by Monk’s in Mendham, NJ


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