Living Room and Kitchen Remodel Florham Park

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Estimator: Travis Marion

Scope of work: Wall Removal, Sheetrock Installation, Interior Painting, Carpentry

Location: Florham Park, NJ  07932

Timeline: 4 days


Our team at Monk’s Home Improvements remodeled this Florham Park, NJ home’s living room and kitchen by removing a half wall.  In only four days our team had transformed these two spaces with a new, more open, and welcoming, design.



Our team began the project by completely removing the half wall separating the kitchen and living room.


Before Wall Removal by Monk's
Before Wall Removal by Monk’s


Removing this half wall joined these two rooms, giving the home a much more open feeling.


Living Room and Kitchen Remodel by Monk's
Living Room and Kitchen Remodel by Monk’s


Components of the electric and heating systems were moved to compensate the new design.


Interior Remodeling by Monk's Home Improvements
Interior Remodeling by Monk’s Home Improvements


New sheetrock was installed.  The areas were then taped, and spackled.  As usual, our team took every precaution to protect the customer’s home as we worked.


Living Room and Kitchen Remodel Florham Park
Living Room and Kitchen Remodel Florham Park


Our team feathered in new flooring to create a cohesive aesthetic between the two joining spaces.


Kitchen Hardwood Floors by Monk's
Kitchen Hardwood Floors by Monk’s


Our carpentry team installed casings around the new opening.


Carpentry by Monk's- Florham Park, NJ
Carpentry by Monk’s- Florham Park, NJ


The existing wallpaper was removed, the walls were carefully smoothed and prepped for painting.  Once the walls were smoothed they were given a coat of oil primer, followed by two coats of interior  paint.  The ceiling and trim were also given a fresh coat of paint.


After Kitchen Painting by Monk's
After Kitchen Painting by Monk’s


In only four days of work our team had completely transformed this home’s kitchen and living room.


Wall Removal and Remodeling Florham Park, NJ
Wall Removal and Remodeling Florham Park, NJ


Another great project completed by our team at Monk’s!


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