Monk’s Paints New Vernon Fire House

The New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department needed an interior paint job for Fire House #2. Our neighbors gave us a call and we offered to donate a portion of the labor to help the fire department with their project. We took a dingy fire house and painted the interior, including the storage cubbies, to give these volunteers a fresh and bright place to prepare for a call.


New Vernon Fire House #2
New Vernon Fire House #2


The cinderblock walls were understandably dirty and were long overdue for some fresh paint.



Fire house wall before
Before Interior Painting by Monk’s

Fire House Interior After
Wall of Fire House


Interior walls of the New Vernon Fire House #2 before Monk’s painted. The cinderblocks needed a scrub before any paint could be applied.

17-firehouse before
Ceiling and Wall of Firehouse Before
10-close up of firehouse walls before
Close up of wall before being painted by Monk’s









A bright, clean wall. A view after the fire house had been painted.

Firehouse Wall After Painting
Firehouse Wall After Painting


The storage lockers where the firefighters store their equipment were also painted.

Interior of Firehouse Storage Lockers
Interior of Storage Lockers
Row of Storage Lockers
Row of Firehouse Storage Lockers








The New Vernon Volunteer Fire House #2. It looks like a brand new building after the painting was completed.

firehouse after Monk's
Firehouse after Monk’s Painted


We are happy to be able to help out the volunteers who risk their lives to keep us safe. Thank you so much for all that you do!

We try to help out in our community wherever possible. We donated the labor and painted the dugouts at Nash Field to help support the Chatham Baseball Club. We’ve also prepped the walls at two local schools to help them create large hallway murals, including the Central Avenue School in Madison, NJ.

If you are affiliated with a non-profit organization and need some painting, please call us at 973-635-7900 and we may be able to provide your organization with a labor donation.