Porch Renovation in Madison NJ

Project Manager: Trevor Monk

Location: Madison, NJ 07940

Project Scope: Exterior painting, new door, remodel of porch, exterior carpentry, new stairs

Porch renovation in Madison NJ. Carpentry
Porch and new stairs after renovation by Monk’s Home Improvements

Most people take for granted direct access to their backyard. This was not the case for homeowner, Deb Fallon. Ms. Fallon had originally called Monk’s Home Improvements about painting the exterior of her home.  While walking the property with the homeowner, Trevor Monk saw something that caught his eye. He was curious about the back porch that was 8 feet off the ground with no door to the inside of the home and no steps or access to the back yard.

Second Story Porch Renovation


porch before renovation by Monk's Home Improvements
Porch before with no steps to the backyard

He found out that the previous owner had closed off the only door that exited unto the porch from the dining room in an earlier renovation making it an unusable space. Trevor worked with Ms. Fallon to come up with a plan to uncover and reposition the original door to create an exit onto the porch and add stairs down to the lawn.

The project included a new door from the dining room onto the porch.

back door before renovation
The previous owner had closed in the door in the dining room that led to the back porch.
new door by Monk's Home Improvements
Monk’s Home Improvements added a new door to gain access to the porch and backyard.

A total renovation of the interior of the porch including beautiful mahogany stained floors, new steps from the porch to the yard, stained cedar railings, repainted exterior stucco and cedar shake.

Second Story Porch renovation in Madison NJ
Second Story Porch and New Stairs After Renovation by Monk’s

What was once unusable space is now fully accessible for this homeowner.

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