Project Description

Location: Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Scope of Work:  Tile Floor Installation

Timeline:3 days

The owner’s of this Basking Ridge home wanted a new look for their kitchen floors.  The wood floors in their kitchen were worn and scratched. These home owners had always dreamed of having a beautiful tile floor in their kitchen and adjoining mud room; and that is exactly what we were able to provide for them.

Monk's Method

Kitchen Tile Floor Installation

This tile floor installation seemed to be a pretty straight forward job.  However, there was one tricky element. These partially carpeted steps leading to an area which wasn’t to be tiled, took some thinking.  Therefore, we needed to figure out how to incorporate this carpet, work around it, or replace entirely.

As expected, our team at Monk’s was able to find a solution! We cut out the carpet from the steps, and tiled them along with the floor, creating a unified look.  So with that problem out of the way, we were able to move onto the rest of the installation.

Firstly, we ripped up the existing wood floorings and prepped the subfloor for tile installation.  Then a metal screen was placed over the floor.  This metal screen helps ensure proper adhesion between the tile and the existing floor which lays beneath the metal screen.

Afterwards, the team put down a layer of thin-set adhesive which is the cement substance the tiles would be set in. The homeowners had picked out a diamond pattern. The plastic bits you see sticking between the tiles are spacers.  These ensure that all tiles are set with equal distances between one another.  During this project we also moved all of the appliances out of these rooms and put them in the garage so that the room could be entirely tiled.

Though the tiles are all the same size, in order to fit snugly along the edges our team has to cut some tiles down to make a clean fit along the wall.

Finally after three days, we were able to transform the floors of this kitchen and mud room!

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After - Tile Floor Installation
Before - Tile Floor Installation