Project Description

Location:  Short Hills, NJ  07078

Scope of Work: Tile Floor Installation

Timeline: 4 days

The basement kitchen and wine cellar of this Short Hills, NJ was in need of a new tile floor.  The homeowners called in our team at Monk’s and in only four days a brand new tile floor was installed.

Monk's Method

Our team at Monk’s always works closely with the homeowners to figure out exactly the look that is wanted for the project.  For this particular project the customers actually supplied the tile.

Before installing the tiles our team carefully plans and measures out the layout to ensure that the tiles physically fit in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

For this project our team was installing the tiles on an existing mason slab floor.

Our team will custom cut tiles so that they fit perfectly along the corners and edges of the room.

After four days of work our team had given this Short Hills, NJ basement and wine cellar the brand new tile floor it needed!

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After - Tile Floor Installation
Before - Tile Floor Installation