Removal of Plaster Ceiling, Installation of Sheetrock and Crown Molding by Monk’s Madison, NJ 07940

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Scope of work: The clients just bought a new home in Madison. They wanted to remove the plaster ceiling and install sheetrock so that the room would look more modern and so they could add some lights to the ceiling. We also added some crown molding and painted the ceiling and walls to create the modern look they desired.

Location: Madison, NJ 07940

Timeline: 4 days


Before We Started

This is what the room looked like before Monk’s started working on it
This is what the room looked like before Monk’s started working on it

In the above picture you can see how dated the room looked. Between the wooden walls and the white plaster ceiling, the room felt very old. The clients didn’t like this look and wanted to modernize the room. You can also see that there was a lack of lighting built into the ceiling. All of this would change!

Close-up of the plaster ceiling and existing wooden crown molding, both of which were removed
Close-up of the plaster ceiling before it was removed

Here you can see close-up what the plaster ceiling looked like before we removed it. The picture also highlights what it looked like before we added the new crown molding.

Removing Plaster Ceiling

Here you can see us removing plaster ceiling
Here you can see us removing plaster ceiling

We carefully removed the plaster ceiling so the electrician was able to easily hang high hats where the lights would go and set up all the wiring for those lights. Here at Monk’s you don’t have to worry about finding an electrician, we’ll take care of that for you, all you have to do is approve work before it gets started. Unlike a lot of other home improvement companies, you’ll get a bill directly from the electrician – we don’t tack on an additional charge on his work like some of our competitors.

After the electrician was done setting the high hats and wires up, we hung sheetrock and applied 3 coats of spackle to go over the seams. Then we applied a coat of primer to the ceiling and the wooden paneled walls. Everything got two coats of paint, and what you”ll see below is the finished room!


After We Finished

The new ceiling and crown molding
The new ceiling and crown molding

Here is a close-up look at the new ceiling after it was finished. You’ll notice it’s smooth, unlike the plaster ceiling that was there before, and that the new crown molding gives it a much more modern look.

The entire finished room
The entire finished room

As you can see, we totally transformed the room into something that looks contemporary instead of old-fashioned. Combining a smooth ceiling, new lights built into the ceiling, crown molding, and a new color turned this room into something beautiful the home owners loved.


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