Townhouse Interior Painting Chatham

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Scope of work: Interior Painting

Location: Chatham, NJ  07928

Timeline: 7 days


A new interior paint job is a great way to freshen up the look of your home.  Our team at Monk’s arrived on the job and repainted the entire interior of this Chatham, NJ townhouse.  The entire project was completed in only one week.




Before Interior Painting by Monk's
Before Interior Painting by Monk’s

After Townhouse Interior Painting Chatham
After Townhouse Interior Painting Chatham


Before painting our team carefully inspected the state of the townhouse walls.


Interior Painting by Monk's Home Improvements
Interior Painting by Monk’s Home Improvements


All surfaces were carefully sanded and smoothed.


Interior Painting Chatham
Interior Painting Chatham


Once the surfaces had been smoothed a coat of primer was applied.


Chatham, NJ Painting by Monk's
Chatham, NJ Painting by Monk’s


Townhouse Interior Painting by Monk's
Townhouse Interior Painting by Monk’s


Following the primer the walls were given two full coats of high quality interior paint.


Interior Painting by Monk's Painting
Interior Painting by Monk’s Painting


The trim and ceiling were treated with one coat of paint.


Interior Painting Townhouse by Monk's
Interior Painting Townhouse by Monk’s


In only one week our team had transformed this townhouse with a full interior paint job!


Painting by Monk's
Painting by Monk’s


Another great project by our team at Monk’s.


After Townhouse Interior Painting Chatham
After Townhouse Interior Painting Chatham


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