Basement Kitchen Installation Florham Park

Kitchen Project by Monk's Home Improvements

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Scope of work: Kitchen Installation, Tile Backsplash Installation, Tile Floor Installation

Location: Florham Park, NJ  07932

Timeline: 4 weeks


Our team at Monk’s installed an entire kitchen in the basement of this Florham Park, NJ  07932 home. With an elderly parent living in this home’ basement, the homeowners wanted to outfit it with a kitchenette to give her a complete apartment of her own.




Before Kitchen Installation by Monk's Home Improvements
Before Kitchen Installation by Monk’s Home Improvements

After Kitchen Installation by Monk's
After Kitchen Installation by Monk’s


Our team at Monk’s includes a variety of skilled designers.  These designers surveyed the space and perfectly designed this unique basement kitchen to meet the homeowners needs.


Before Kitchen Project by Monk's
Before Kitchen Project by Monk’s


All materials were purchased in our Monk’s showroom.  A section of carpet was removed and replaced with new porcelain plank tile.  This unique tile actually has the look of wood rather than traditional tile.


Porcelain Plank Style Flooring Installed by Monk's
Porcelain Plank Style Flooring Installed by Monk’s


All new cabinetry was installed.  The cabinets were made to retrofit the existing refrigerator.


New Cabinetry Installed by Monk's
New Cabinetry Installed by Monk’s


Basement Kitchen Installation
Basement Kitchen Installation


Quartz countertops were installed throughout the new kitchen.


New Counters by Monk's
New Counters by Monk’s


Kitchen Cabinet Installation
Kitchen Cabinet Installation


Our team of skilled workers also installed a brand new glass linear mosaic backsplash.  A nicely tiled backsplash always gives a kitchen a more complete look.


Kitchen Renovation by Monk's Home Improvements
Kitchen Renovation by Monk’s Home Improvements


In only four weeks our team had completed this unique basement kitchen installation.


Basement Kitchen Florham Park
Basement Kitchen Florham Park


Another great project by our team at Monk’s!


Basement Kitchen Installation Florham Park
Basement Kitchen Installation Florham Park


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