Transform Your Home with Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In just a few days Monk’s can take your floors from scratched and stained to smooth and shiny. See what our dustless hardwood floor refinishing system can do for the look of your home. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

If your hardwood floors look like this:

Floors Before Dustless Floor Sanding
Floors Before Dustless Floor Sanding

Our dustless floor refinishing can make them look like this:

Floors After Dustless Floor Refinishing
Floors After Dustless Floor Refinishing


How Monk’s Fixes Your Hardwood Floors

Are your floors stained and discolored?  Has the finish worn off? Bring them to life again! If it’s time to sand and re-finish your floors, we would love to talk to with you about your hardwood floor refinishing project. Monk’s Home Improvements offers full dustless sanding and simple screening and re-coating of hardwood floors. We can install new hardwood floors or simply patch damaged areas as needed. And if you have carpet, we will remove and dispose of it for you. Some typical project timelines include:

For simple screening and re-coating, the process only takes one day.

For sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, the process usually takes between 3 and 4 days.

It is very common, and recommended, for people to do interior painting at the same time as the refinishing project. Combined with interior painting, the process is usually completed within 10 days. Why not complete two tasks at once? Double your improvement!

The great thing about working with a company like Monk’s is that we do it all. We have specialist crews who only do floor refinishing, painting, carpentry, and other home improvement projects. So you get multiple experts on every job, and we do the scheduling to complete your project without delays.

Additionally, we also offer Crown Molding and Wainscoting installation another popular project that often accompanies floor refinishing and painting.

Take a look at Monk’s Flooring Gallery to see before and after photos of some of our hardwood refinishing and installation projects. It may also give you some new ideas for different stains and inlay options.

Call Monk’s today at 973-635-7900 to schedule your free estimate. We’d love to talk about your flooring project.