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Bathroom Renovations in Morristown NJ

The homeowner of this Morristown, NJ home had recently passed away. His children decided to make some upgrades to the home before they put in up for sale. The children lived out-of-state and hired us to manage everything involved with the renovation. Calls, emails and video chats kept us all connected throughout the process.

This post will focus on 2 simultaneous bathroom renovations in Morristown NJ. However, you can see an overview of the whole home renovation by clicking here.

Bathroom Renovations in Morristown NJ

We were lucky enough to be working in an empty house.  This allowed us to renovate the kitchen and two bathrooms at the same time.

This home has a small master bathroom, common to many split levels built in Morristown, New Jersey and the surrounding towns. We were not able to add any space to it, but we did modernize it.  We also installed new hardwood floors in parts of this house and refinished all the floors as part of the project.

In the Master Bath, we removed all the walls, floor and ceiling before installing new electrical and plumbing.  After the plumber and electrician finished their work, we started with the shower pan.

After building a “box” for the shower pan, we installed a rubber lining.  When we pass the rough inspection, the shower pan is filled with concrete and covered with tile. We installed cement board on the new shower walls.

The hallway bathroom was desperate for repair.  A pipe froze, then burst, causing the water to back flow into the bathroom.  There were rust stains all over the floor from the old cast iron pipes.

In this bathroom a new bathtub is installed.  We insulate all walls, interior and exterior.  We like to insulate the interior walls because it improves the sound quality in a house with sheet rock walls.

All bath tubs need to be connected from below.  This usually means cutting a hole in the sheet rock ceiling in the room under the bathroom to make the connection.  After the job is complete, we patch and paint the ceiling.

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