Top 10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

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The sun is out. The kids are home. Before heading to the beach, spend a little time getting your home ready for the season. Some maintenance needs are obvious like cleaning your grill and getting your AC serviced. However, there are some to-dos you may not have considered. The Monk brothers have put together a list of easy repairs and improvements for your summer home maintenance.

 SUmmer Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Inspect outdoor play equipment. Make sure your kids (and all those neighborhood kids) are safe. Reinforce and tighten bolts. Wooden structures may need to be re-stained, resealed, or repainted.
  2. Inspect fencing. Whether natural wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite, walk your fence. Reinforce, re-stain, reseal or repaint as needed.
  3. Dust the ceiling fan blades. Use an old pillowcase to dust off blades and catch the dirt.
  4. Get your chimney cleaned. Now is the perfect time to have the chimney sweeper out. They’ll be available and the fireplace will be ready for the winter.
  5. Power wash and reseal your deck. If you have a natural wood deck, this should be done annually to prevent splitting or cracking. Another option is to replace the floorboards with composite decking and never worry about sealing your deck again.
  6. Inspect the caulking around the windows and doors. This helps with preventing draughts as well as keeping out insects.
  7. Reseal or repave your driveway.
  8. Replace filters. Of course, this includes all your air filters. But also replace filters in your dishwasher, range hood, and on your taps if there is mineral build-up.
  9. Switch on that dehumidifier.
  10. Grab your towel and cooler and hit the beach.
Deck Resurfacing in Progress
Deck Resurfacing in Progress
Painting a Picket Fence
Painting a Picket Fence
Hand Staining the Mahogany Deck
Hand Staining the Mahogany Deck

We can help with your home maintenance projects! Call 973-635-7900 or book online to schedule a free estimate with Monk’s. Your Estimator will provide suggestions. He or she will also provide a detailed, written estimate covering projects that Monk’s can take off your to-do list!