Cedar Closet for Storage in Chatham NJ

Cedar Closet for Storage

Scope of Work: Ceiling repair, cedar closet
Town: Chatham, NJ
Timing: 1 1/2 days

This Chatham, NJ house had lots of storage space in their basement. However, the space had some damage and wasn’t suitable for storing clothing and other items that could be easily damaged. We were asked to create a cedar closet so the family could safely store out-of-season clothing in their basement.

Cedar Closet in Chatham NJ

Ceiling that Needed to be Repaired
Before Closet Repair

Monk’s was asked to fix up the large storage closet by first repairing the very large whole in the ceiling. Monk’s installed, spackled, and painted the ceiling. Then we installed cedar planks to the walls of the closet. The tongue-and-groove planks were installed similar to hardwood flooring. However, in this case we had to factor in gravity.

Cedar Closet
Cedar Closet for Storage

Because this basement room was only going to be used for storage, the homeowners elected to leave the floor as-is.

In just a day and a half, we created a fresh-smelling, insect-repelling, clothing storage closet.

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