Custom Built In Desk Mendham NJ

Built In Desk


Scope of work: Custom Built In, Interior Carpentry
Location: Mendham, NJ 07945
Timeline: 3 days

These Mendham NJ homeowners have the perfect nook for a desk. Their existing rectangular desk wasn’t maximizing the space. So, they had been shopping for a corner desk that would fit in the space. After looking for some time and not finding anything that suited, they gave us a call. We drew up a plan and our team of carpenters built a custom built in desk. The entire project was completed in only three days, leaving the homeowners with the desk they had imagined for their home.

Built In Desk

Monk’s Estimator, George Day, worked closely with the homeowners to come up with the perfect design for a desk that would meet all of their needs. The desk featured cut-outs to neatly accommodate wires from computers and phones. The left side of the desk had a column of small drawers for holding office supplies. On the right were larger drawers for papers and files. We painted the entire desk once all of the carpentry work was complete.

In only three days our team built a custom work station for this Mendham, NJ home.

Another job well done by our team at Monk’s! To all of the photos of this built in desk project, visit the project page.

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If you are considering a custom built in for your home we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best carpentry contractor in Mendham, NJ 07945.