New Deck Builder in Morristown NJ

New Morristown Deck


This Morristown, NJ homeowner was ready to move his BBQ off his lawn and on to a new composite deck. Composite decking materials are low (not zero!) maintenance and provide a solid, long-lasting deck surface.  The average composite deck owner should expect to lightly clean their deck once every year or two.  This deck will not require any painting.

See how we built this brand new composite deck!

New Deck Builder in NJ

The existing sliders had rotten trim and lead out to old bluestone steps.  We removed both the door and the steps. The dimensions of the new deck are staked out on the ground and outlined with strings.  The footings are marked with stakes and outlined with orange spray paint.

Deck footing, Morris County NJ


Removing the stairs and digging the footings creates a lot of debris.  All rocks, concrete and loose soil are removed prior to framing of the deck and the soil is graded away from the foundation to prevent rainwater from moving back towards the house.


Ground prior to debris removal and grading.


Below, we have removed the rocks and debris and the ground has been graded for rainwater run-off.  The framing is complete and ready for the framing inspection.  The new sliding door has been installed.

Here is a peek at what the composite railing system looks like before it is installed on the new deck.

Spindles – Strong but hollow


Hidden screw plugs for the floorboards and hidden fasteners for the railings.

If you are looking to build a new deck, or reface your existing deck with composite, we would love the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best deck contractor in Morristown! Call us at 973-635-7900 for a Free Estimate.