Garage Door Trim Installation in Madison NJ

Garage Door Trim Installation

Scope of Work: Garage Door Trim Installation
Town: Madison, NJ
Timing: 1 day

The garage doors at this Madison NJ home were peeling and very worn. The homeowners purchased new garage doors and had them installed. Then they called Monk’s. We trimmed their new garage doors with weather-resistant Azek composite and painted the composite. Now these homeowners will be welcomed home with a lovely new garage entrance.

Garage Door Trim Installation

Garage Doors Before
Garage Doors Before
Garage Door Trim Installation
New Garage Door Trim

Once the two new garage doors were installed, we got to work.

First, Monk’s carpenters measured and framed out the garage doors. Azek composite was cut to fit on the outside edge of each door, as well as between the two doors down the center. Composite trim was also cut to form around the top across both garage doors. Crown moulding tops off the trim. Besides adding visual interest, the crown molding protects the garage doors. The slight overhang keeps water from pouring down directly on the doors.

Once the carpentry was complete, our painters finished the project. The painted all the pieces of Azek to give it a crisp, clean look.

In only a day, this carpentry and painting project was complete.

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Monk’s carpenters can repair rotted trim, as well as add brand new trim like we did with this project. Using composite provides both an added architectural detail, as well as protection from the elements. See our exterior trim gallery. We also build decks, porticos, pergolas and more.

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