Historic Barn Renovation in New Providence, NJ 07974


Location: New Providence, NJ 07974

Project Scope: Exterior Painting, New Windows Installation, Trim Replacement, New Soffit Installation

The owner’s of this beautiful historic home in New Providence, NJ called our team at Monk’s for some help fixing up their historic barn.  This homeowners had taken meticulous care of their historic home built in the 1770s.  However, the barn in the backyard had not been given the same quality of care and was now in need of a renovation.


Historic New Providence Home
Historic New Providence Home


Historic Barn Renovation


This barn, like the historic home, dates back to the 1770s.  You can see from the picture below that years of wear had taken a toll on this structure.  The original paint was peeling off, while the original trim had nearly rotted entirely.  Additionally, the soffits and windowsills were rotting and falling off.


Historic New Providence Barn- in need of renovation
Historic New Providence Barn- in need of renovation

After the renovations the home owner was hoping to use this barn’s upper floor as a hangout and game room for their teenage children.  Due to this fact window replacements would not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but they also helped ensure the structural soundness of this building and made it a safer setting for a kids’ hangout.


The aesthetics of this historic barn’s facade were badly tarnished by the weathered and peeling paint.  An out of date paint job is more than just an eye sore.  A new paint job definitely spruces up an exterior, but it also plays an important role in protecting the structure’s surface.

The soffits of this barn were also in terrible shape, and in some places were missing entirely!

Our team of carpenters and painters transformed this historic barn in only nine days of work (two days for carpentry, and one week for painting).

We completely replaced the trim on this barn because the old trim had almost entirely rotted off the building.  Here you can see the fresh, crisp look that new trim can add to any building.

New Trim Installed on Historic New Providence Barn
New Trim Installed on Historic New Providence Barn


Next, you can see that new windows were installed.  The old windows were not only worn, but they were also causing a major safety hazard.  These new windows not only freshen up the look of this barn, but also ensure that this second floor can serve as a safe kids’ hangout.


New Providence Window Installation by Monk's
New Providence Window Installation by Monk’s


Historic Barn Exterior Painting


The new exterior paint job was a major part of this project.  Firstly, our Monk’s team stripped the siding down to the bare wood. For this project, we applied a combination of four coats of primer and paint. The first coat of primer we apply is a slow-dry coat which really sinks into the wood and treats it.  The second coat of primer is a stain-killing coat.  After the primer, we apply two coats of premium exterior paint.


Historic Barn in New Providence, NJ after new exterior paint job by Monk's
Historic Barn in New Providence, NJ after new exterior paint job by Monk’s


Finally, all of these changes transformed this dilapidated barn into a fresh looking structure!


Rennovated Historic Barn- New Providence, NJ
Historic Barn Renovation – New Providence, NJ


An exterior paint job, new windows, soffits, and trim breathed new life into this barn!


Completed Historic Barn Renovation
Completed Historic Barn Renovation


If your barn or outbuilding are in need of a renovation, we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best exterior carpenters and painters in New Providence, NJ 07974.