Kitchen Remodel Madison

Kitchen Remodeling Madison, NJ

Scope of work: Kitchen Remodel, Hardwood Floor Installation, Tile Backsplash Installation, Interior Painting
Location: Madison, NJ 07940
Timeline: 6 weeks


Do you find yourself day-dreaming about all of the things a new kitchen could offer your home?  The owners of this Madison, NJ home made their day-dream a reality when they called in our team at Monk’s to completely remodel their home’s kitchen.  It took us only six weeks to complete this project.

Kitchen Remodel Madison



Before Kitchen Remodel by Monk's Home Improvements
Before Kitchen Remodel by Monk’s Home Improvements

After Kitchen Remodel by Monk's Home Improvements
After Kitchen Remodel by Monk’s Home Improvements


This project began with our team removing nearly all of the kitchen’s existing fixtures. This included removing all soffits and upper cabinets, which we then replaced with new ones. We reused the cabinet frames. Carpenters installed new drawers, door-faces, and new hinges to retrofit the reused base frame. Painters also updated the frames with a new paint job.

We removed and replaced the entire existing kitchen island. The new island featured plenty of storage space, including a special shelf to be used for storing cookbooks.

Our flooring crew completely removed the tile floor. Then we installed brand new hardwood floors which we then sanded and sealed.

A new countertop was installed on the new island, but the existing countertop was reused throughout the rest of the kitchen.

A brand new backsplash, beadboard, a new faucet, and new lighting were also installed. The room was completed with a full interior paint job.  In only six weeks the space was completely transformed.


Kitchen Renovation Madison
Kitchen Renovation Madison


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