Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry Room Renovation

Scope of Work: Laundry Room Renovation
Town: Basking Ridge, NJ
Timing: 1 week

The third part of this first floor renovation in Basking Ridge, NJ was the laundry room.  A laundry room renovation may not be on the top of your to-do list. However, making some upgrades to this space can really help with your weekly (or daily) chores.

Not only did we make this laundry room look great, but we also added features to really improve the functionality of the tiny space.

Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry Room Before Renovation
Before Laundry Room Renovation
Laundry Room Renovation
Laundry Room Renovation

To start off, the old refrigerator and oversized washer and dryer were removed.

This freed up space for us to add in some upper and lower cabinetry. Additionally, a wash up sink was also installed.
A frame, matching the cabinetry, was built to house the new, smaller washer and dryer units.  A quartz countertop was installed over the washer and dryer, as well as around the sink. This platform over the washer and dryer was sealed to the walls and holes were drilled to accommodate the hoses and plugs. The countertop here is a great place to fold laundry without having to worry about a sock slipping between or behind the appliances.
Additionally, we installed a hanging rack above to hang-dry dress shirts. Since the quartz below is water tight, a little dripping water isn’t a problem.

First Floor Makeover

In addition to the laundry room makeover, we also provided a number of other improvements to the first floor. We refinished all the hardwood floors, we replaced the front door, and we painted the entire first floor, including a brick fireplace. You can see these improvements here. We also provided a kitchen makeover by painting the kitchen cabinetry white, installing a new backsplash and replacing a damaged countertop.

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