Project Description

Location: Chatham, NJ

Scope of Work:  New tile floor installation, new bathroom fixtures, new tile shower, interior painting. This was the first of two bathrooms we updated in this home in Chatham, New Jersey.

Timeline: 7 days

Monk's Method

The first step in an efficient bathroom renovation is to have all the finish materials on-site. Below, you can see the new tile, toilet, vanity and fixtures waiting for us in the garage. This project actually involved two bathrooms. Therefore, you will only need to set aside half of this space if you are only renovating one bathroom.

Bathrooms are rarely right next to a door, so we use red rosin paper to protect the hardwood floors while we work.

Updating a bathroom typically requires only minor demolition. This job was no exception. So, we removed the old tile from the floor and shower surround and worked with the existing sub-floor and dry wall.

The new toilet, vanity and shower fixtures will all go back in the original locations.  You can see the rough plumbing for the toilet and the vanity sticking out of the wall and the floor.  The marks on the floor that look like tile are old glue that hasn’t been removed or leveled yet.  The old baseboard molding has been removed and new trim will be installed before we paint the bathroom.

We installed new cement backer board for the tile installation in the new shower surround.  You can see the first course of tile on the left and then more progress in the right picture.  The white crosses are spacers that will be removed prior to grouting the tile in this bathroom.  The granite corners have been installed and the glass accent stripe is visible at the top of the tile.  You can see the holes cut in to the cement board for the shower fixtures.

If possible, we try to cut the tile in the bathroom.  After the floor has been tiled, we protect it during the painting.

This homeowner is trying to pick out the perfect color for her bathroom.  We prefer to paint before the toilet and vanity is installed so that we can paint behind them.

Painting usually takes a day and then it is just one more day to install the fixtures before you have an updated bathroom!


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After - Chatham NJ Bathroom Remodel
Before - Bathroom Remodel