Project Description

Location:  Chatham, NJ  07928

Scope of Work: Carpet Removal, Dustless Floor Refinishing

Timeline: 4 days

This mid 1950’s home had hardwood floors hiding under their carpets that hadn’t seen daylight in decades.  Our team at Monk’s removed this Chatham home’s carpets and refinished the newly exposed hardwood floor with Monk’s dustless floor refinishing system.  In only four days our team transformed this home’s floors from aged carpet, to beautifully refinished hardwood.

Monk's Method

The first step of this dustless floor refinishing Chatham project was to remove the existing carpet.  Our team had to not only pull up the existing carpet,  but also remove the tack strips which holds the carpet in place.  Once these components were removed it was clear that the hardwood floors had water damage, and remnants of old pet stains.

Our team was able to breathe new life into these hardwood floors with our highly successful dustless floor refinishing system.  To begin the process our team carefully sands the entire floor.  A system of vacuums and hoses are brought into the house for the dustless floor refinishing system.  The dustless system ensure that the job is efficient and clean.

It was discovered that some of the water damage had caused cupping in a few of the boards.  Our team at Monk’s was able to right this warping when we sanded down the floors.

Once the floors were completely sanded our team sampled several different stain options on the hardwood so that the homeowners could decide on the color for their hardwood floors.  Once a color was determined the entire floor was given a thorough coat of stain.

After the floors were stained three coats of polyurethane were applied.  After just four days, our team at Monk’s had removed this room’s carpet, and refinished the hardwood floors underneath.

Another great project completed by our team at Monk’s!


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After - Dustless Floor Refinishing
Before - Dustless Floor Refinishing