Project Description

Location: Chatham, NJ  07928

Scope of Work: Faux Window Installation, Carpentry

Timeline: 3 days

These homeowners wanted their existing basement windows to provide more light and visual interest so they asked us to transform them into faux windows with integrated lighting. This way their basement would always appear sunny and inviting, even on the rainiest of days.

Monk's Method

When our team at Monk’s arrived on the job the home’s basement had recessed window wells; the type of windows commonly found in basements.  The previous homeowners had added decorative shutters to the windows but the current homeowners decided that they wanted to spruce up the windows even more!  The Chatham, NJ homeowners wanted to add detail and light to the windows.  Adding light to basement windows seems like an impossible feat, but with the talent and innovation of our team at Monk’s we were able to do just that!

Our team began the project by removing the shutters and creating a frame with a plywood backer.

Next our team collaborated with an electrician to determine the best way to illuminate these basement windows.  Together it was decided that LED lighting would be the best solution for this project.  LED lighting is low voltage, does not give off any heat, and does not require any bulbs (and therefore no bulb changes).  The electrician wired the LED lighting to backlight the windows while our team painted the plywood backer with a white semi gloss paint to emphasize the illumination.

Our team at Monk’s found windows to fit the project.  Before the new windows were installed the lights were thoroughly tested, each running off of an independent switch.  Once it was determined that the lights were working properly the windows were installed.  To add to the effect our team used windows with frosted glass.

In only three days our team had completed the installation of the faux basement windows!


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After - Faux Basement Window Installation
Before - Faux Basement Window Installation