Project Description

Location: Morristown, NJ

Scope of Work: Kitchen Remodeling, Tile Installation, Carpentry

Timeline: 2 months

At Monk’s, we understand the home remodeling process first-hand. Monk’s Estimator and home owner, Greg Kihm, recently remodeled his Morristown, NJ kitchen. Greg’s project was a little more complicated than the typical kitchen remodel. He lives in a 130 year old home whose kitchen hadn’t been upgraded since the 1950s. There was a beautiful original chimney that Greg wanted to incorporate into the remodel, as well as a radiator that he cleverly hid in the kitchen island design. As with many remodels of homes this age, once the demo began a number of surprises were uncovered which needed to be addressed before the kitchen could be completed.

Monk's Method

Greg’s remodel required a complete gut to the framing. When the walls were opened up, a problem with the joist under the upstairs bathroom became apparent. This required Greg and his team to remove all the plumbing. Then he repaired all the floor joists by installing 2 x 10 joists bolted to the existing joists. The plumbing was then reinstalled. This repair required the kitchen ceiling to be dropped by 6″ to cover the plumbing.

The wall between the kitchen and family room was removed to allow for a more modern open-plan living space.

A partial wall was built to define the space. The extended ledge with its granite top a provides additional counter space and a place for guests to gather and rest drinks while staying out of the main prep space.

The well-used chimney was chemically treated and restored. It provided a unique and functional vent hood, full of historic charm, for the new stove.

To make wall space for cabinets, 2 double-hung windows were closed up.

The kitchen floors needed to be leveled before installing the new floor tile. In order to do this, the main beam in the basement needed to be leveled by repairing and reinforcing it. A 6 x 6 pressure treated, engineered beam was installed in the kitchen.

After these structural repairs were completed, the floor was tiled creating this unique, custom design.

Wall and floor cabinets were installed next. In order to maintain the existing heating system, a radiator was relocated from the wall where the new cabinets were placed, into the center island. The steam pipe was relocated and built into the island cabinet. The internal wall of the cabinet was insulated and the cabinet doors were grated to allow the heat to vent to the kitchen.

The granite supplier installed the new countertops and the finished trim was installed.  The room was painted and the lighting was installed by the electrician. What a kitchen upgrade!

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After - Kitchen Remodel
Before - Kitchen Remodel