Project Description

Location: Morristown, NJ 07960

Scope of Work: Modern European Kitchen Remodel

Timeline: 8 weeks

Monk's Method

The homeowner of this lovely Morristown, NJ home is originally from Iceland. Tired of her traditional dark brown kitchen cabinetry and beige countertops, she wanted a change to something modern and bright. So change is what she got!

Firstly, we began by removing all the cabinetry and countertops. We also removed the existing floor tiles. Additionally, the electrical and plumbing required to accommodate all the new built-in appliances was installed.

To start creating the new kitchen, we installed new floor tiles. We laid the large, dark porcelain tiles on an angle. The tile was placed in the eating area, kitchen, butler’s pantry and den.

The cabinetry was then installed. The homeowner wanted grey cabinetry for the lower units. However, for the floor to ceiling cabinetry like the double oven surround, she requested bright red cabinetry. Both colors have a sleek, high gloss finish. Everything was glued and screwed together. Therefore, no nails or filler were used by the installers. The cabinetry features no hardware, and instead makes use of touch latches. So, the cabinetry has an uninterrupted door and drawer front.

After the cabinetry was installed, then solid red quartz countertops were installed in the main kitchen area and butler’s pantry. Conversely, the hutch countertops were grey to complement the red cabinetry.

Lastly, the many appliances were installed. These included a double oven as well as a built-in coffee maker in the single wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry. Also, a Miele refrigerator and freezer, stove, dishwasher, and built-in microwave are featured in the main kitchen area. Finally, in the butler’s pantry, a large wine refrigerator and wine dispenser were installed along with a wine storage cabinet.

This shiny modern European kitchen is now complete.

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See the Modern European Kitchen

Modern European Kitchen Viewed from Above
Modern European Kitchen Viewed from Above
Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel