Project Description

Location: Chatham, NJ 07928
Scope of Work: Exterior Carpentry
Timeline: 1 week

Monk's Method

We get a surprising number of inquiries about building new tree houses. While we don’t build tree houses from scratch, we do repair and modify existing structures. That is what we did with this exterior carpentry project. The homeowners had another company install the original treehouse which was fairly basic. The children were non plussed.

As we had worked for her before, the homeowner called Monk’s to add more space, as well as intrigue, to the tree house structure.

Our tree house remodel added about 50% more space to the existing playhouse portion of the structure. Additionally, we enclosed the playhouse to give the children a private hide-out for secret missions and fantasy play. A dutch door was installed, along with a half dozen windows with working shutters. What kid doesn’t love secretly peeking out a window and playing with locks?

Since we anticipated all the neighborhood kids enjoying the tree house, our design considered scale, safety and durability.  Windows, doors and furniture were scaled to be kid-sized. Monk’s even created some play house furniture by repurposing tree stumps from the property into kid-sized tables and stools.  All corners were rounded off and surfaces were sanded smooth.

Continuing on with the theme, we used fallen hickory branches as handles and door pulls. The children stacked the work area with branches of all sizes hoping to have theirs included in the project.

The entire tree house was re-sided with live edge cedar siding and a new cedar roof was installed. These materials blend in with the surrounds and give the house an organic look and feel.

Special care went into selecting weather resistant materials like stainless steel screws and galvanized and brass dead bolts and hinges.

That is one completed tree house remodel. OK, neighborhood kids. Let’s play!

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Completed Tree House Remodel
Completed Tree House Remodel
Existing Tree House Before Remodel
Existing Tree House Before Remodel