Historic Building Window Replacement in NJ

Project Info

Location: New Providence, NJ
Scope of Work: Historic Building Window Replacement

A neglected barn was repaired in order to make the space useable for a teenage hangout. Among other upgrades, brand new replacement windows were installed.

Window Replacement for Historic Barn
Historic Barn Windows

Monk’s Method

This barn dates back to the 1770s.  Years of neglect had taken its toll on the outbuilding. This included peeling paint and trim that had nearly rotted entirely.  Additionally, the windowsills were rotting making the windows dangerous.

The homeowner wanted to use the barn’s upper floor as game room for their teenage children. The lower floor would remain a storage area. That would mean that the structure would need to be structurally sound, safe, and warm.

Therefore, window replacements were critical. They would not only improve the aesthetics, but also provide a safe environment for the kids.

In just two days, all the carpentry, including the historic building window replacements, were complete.

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